See how urgency gave a 27% increase in conversion

by Feb 19, 2014

By adding a sense of urgency you can often help convince your visitors to make a purchase or decision right away. We applied this tactic for our customer ‘Toyota Hell Bil’, a major Toyota dealership in Norway, to verify this.

AB test Toyota

The email campaign was targeted at existing customers. The call to action in this email was ‘show me the offers’. During our first send we had as much as 31% click rate, but we wanted to see if we could improve even more.

On the second send we set up an A/B test where the challenger treatment was the added text as highlighted above. The trigger-text ‘Amazing offers valid for a limited period’ above the button increased the conversion rate with a whopping 27%. 

The less there is of something, the more people perceive it to be a highly valued commodity, which in turn means that the more they will want to buy it.

Have you tested the use of urgency or scarcity to increase conversion rates? Hopefully this example will inspire you to do the same.