Customer Success Stories

See how A/B testing has created results for our customers

Campaign Monitor

One of the worlds leading Email Marketing software providers decided to partner up with us at ConversionLab to get higher conversion rates. They had been using landing pages with great success, and variant A below was their current champion. We created a challenger that added more emotion and conversion centered design that proved quite powerful. The A/B test was concluded with 100% significance and gave a 61% increase in conversion rates in favor of the new challenger.


Increase in Conversion Rate

"ConversionLab has helped Campaign Monitor grow our business by optimizing our landing pages and improving our calls to action. We’ve increased conversion rates by 1180% and reduced customer acquisition cost with more than 60%. We are very happy with the results and look forward to testing more optimization strategies."

Shamita Jayakumar, Senior Marketing Manager

Opp Finans Credit Loan

Finance institution Opp Finans previously used their homepage for paid traffic. By driving traffic from Google AdWords and other ads to an external landing page from ConversionLab they were able to create more targeted landing page with a focused message and a clear call to action. The effect of the external landing page was optimized by running two versions against each other in an A/B test (also called split-test). This is one of several tests which alone gave 54% increase in conversion rate.


Increase in Conversion Rate

Danske Bank

Danske Bank wanted higher impact on their traffic from Google AdWords. We made a landing page to meet that goal – and continue to increase effectiveness by testing. With A/B testing we have increased conversion rates by as much as 91%! This has given Danske Bank more leads to work with and higher ROI on the paid traffic. Compared with historical figures and conversion rates of Danske Bank’s website we have seen an increase of 133% in the number of leads coming in, with the same amount of traffic as before.


Increase in Conversion Rate


Signicat provides solutions for secure online identification, and needed to boost lead generation for their mobile solution. We took care of both email marketing and landing pages. Using A/B testing, we increased conversion rates and helped Signicat get more leads. The short version gave 27% more leads than the long version.

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Increase in Conversion Rate

With the release of a new service we needed help to reach our market. ConversionLab managed our email marketing campaign and landing pages, on time – and with conversion rates above 10%.


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