Boosting Conversions Rates with Dedicated Landing Pages: A Case Study from BetterWorld’s Recent A/B Test

by Mar 11, 2024

BetterWorld is on a mission to create waves of positive change, simplifying the way nonprofits connect with supporters and amplify their impact. In a collaborative effort with ConversionLab, they set out to simplify their digital marketing and draw in more signups—in hopes of making it easier for more nonprofits to sign up and raise funds for free. 

And when they decided to apply that same ‘make it easy’ philosophy to their digital marketing through the magic of dedicated landing pages, the results were nothing short of inspiring.

The Existing Problem:

Let’s set the stage with what was tripping up BetterWorld’s site: BetterWorld’s website, like many, was a hub of information and options.  Options everywhere, which sounds great, but it can leave visitors more confused than enthused. This bounty of choices may lead to a paradox of choice for visitors, causing decision fatigue and a scattering of their focus, which isn’t what you want when you need them to simply submit the signup form.

The Improvement Hypothesis:

Enter the hypothesis – if BetterWorld trimmed down the choices, clearing the path to action, they’d likely see more visitors stepping up to create fundraising pages. Fewer distractions should mean more clarity, more ease, and more conversions.


Why Dedicated Landing Pages?

Here’s why these landing pages are about to become your new best friend in digital marketing:

  1. Distraction-Free Zone: With a dedicated landing page, we’re talking about stripping away the fluff so visitors can zero in on what matters—whether that’s signing up, buying a service, or donating to a good cause.


  2. Tailored Messaging for the Win: Ads bring visitors with a promise, and the landing page delivers on it, serving up exactly what they’re looking for and matching their intent.


  3. One Goal, One Focus: Unlike a website that’s a jack-of-all-trades, a landing page is a specialist—it’s there to convert visitors into leads, full stop.



The A/B Test Results:

When the test concluded, BetterWorld observed an impressive lift in conversion rates with a whopping 116% in uplift, with the landing page variant (Variant B) achieving a conversion rate of 17.1%, compared to the 7.9% conversion rate of the standard website variant (Variant A). This marked a substantial increase in effectiveness, indicating a significant lift in sign-up rate and conversions through the optimized landing page design. The test not only demonstrated a noteworthy uplift but also reached 100% statistical significance, affirming the reliability and impact of the changes implemented in Variant B.


To bring it all home, BetterWorld’s collaboration with ConversionLab on landing page optimization wasn’t just a win; it was an eye-opening discovery. If you’re in the business of doing good, like BetterWorld, and you want to see your online efforts bear fruit, it’s time to give dedicated landing pages a go. They’re not just about simplifying the customer journey—they’re about converting visitors into active participants in your mission. BetterWorld’s case study is more than just a testament to smart marketing; it’s a blueprint for making a positive impact in the digital space.

ConversionLab has been absolutely fantastic for BetterWorld, says Whit Hunter, CEO of BetterWorld. A wealth of CRO experience combined with the ability to produce elegant designs and wrap thoughtful systems around it all – it makes consistent improvements to our marketing and growth initiatives delightfully hands-off.