98% Of Your Paid Ads Are A Colossal Waste of Money

by Mar 26, 2014

Are your ads generating plenty of traffic, but you get very few leads? You’re not alone! In this article Oli Gardner from Unbounce claims that as much as 98% of paid ads are a colossal waste of money. We couldn’t agree more.

Matching headline

Image courtesy of Unbounce.com

You might think this sounds like a outrageous statement, but you don’t have to look far to see proof of this. After you’ve read the article, check your favorite news outlet and click any banner ad to see if Oli has a point. We’d love to hear from you if you disagree.

There are 2 reasons in specific to why you’re wasting your money:

  1. Attention Ratio: You are sending your traffic to your homepage where your desired action point is competing with a plethora of other attention grabbers. (Give the Gorilla a Banana, not a fruit basket!). At best – if you send your traffic to somewhere where there are 2 action points competing against each other you have still taken 50% of the attention away from your true goal.
  2. Message match: You are sending your traffic to somewhere that is not specifically tailored to the ad – and perhaps serving traffic from various sources. Very often that can lead to generic messaging that is disconnected from your ad.

Follow through on your ad’s promise. Maintain the scent. Match the message.

Read more as Oli Gardner nails it on the Unbounce blog.

[TIP] Clicks doesn’t get you business. Conversion does. Are you giving your landing pages as much attention as your banners og PPC ads? We really hope so :-)