6 things to do to your landing pages when conversion rates suck

by May 11, 2015

Irrational Grumpy Cat reactions aside, under-performing campaigns are a major downer – and not just for you.


After all, your visitors have to wade through all that stinky poop too. Think about them for a minute. They trusted you enough to click your ad or link and you let them down with a poor landing experience.

To understand a little about why they’re not performing, ask yourself six simple questions:

  1. Does my page have one – and only one – possible action?
  2. Did I establish a personal pre-click connection and carry it through to the other side of the click?
  3. If I scan the landing page quickly, is it clear (and obvious) what I’ll get?
  4. Is absolutely every element on the page talking about my campaign?
  5. Would I believe the trust elements on my landing page if they were on a competitor’s page?
  6. Did I add anything in close proximity to the call to action as extra incentive to click?

Oli Gardner from Unbounce shares six things he does when he wants to make marketing experiences better than Grumpy Cat memes.

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