A simple, but often helpful principle for landing page optimization is to look at your visitor as a gorilla. Think of your visitor as a gorilla (but don’t say it to their face!). You know they love bananas. A banana will catch his attention every time.



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The Gorilla and the banana


Throughout these tips we will be talking about how you should optimize your conversion rates on paid traffic. The main reason why you pay for someone to click your ad is to achieve your defined goal. This could be a signup for trial, purchase or simply a lead. Ok, back to our gorilla...  

“Click here, we promise a banana!” 

Your visitors also have responded in the same way to your ad. Your ad screams “Click, we’ll give you a banana!”.

So far so good. The problem occurs when the gorilla, after being promised the banana, is presented a fruit basket.

The gorilla is lazy, and searching through apples and oranges to find the real treat is frustrating and requires too much work. The gorilla turns his back on the fruit basket and leaves your website. Your opportunity is lost, and there is no conversion. But what can I do?

What fruits do I have to remove?

Distracting links to other pages or more info Navigation Everything not leading towards your main objective, the conversion.

Yes, I know it’s tempting to offer more than the banana when you have so many other fruits to offer. Trust us on this one – resist the urge!

A happy gorilla is the reward, and the bonus is a much greater chance of getting your conversion.

The answer is pretty simple (at least in theory…). Remove all the other fruits and give the gorilla what you promised – the banana!


  • One goal. One landing page
    Don't confuse or anger the gorilla! Remove any uneccesary information.

  • Maintain the scent
    When promising a banana in your ad - make sure you deliver on that on your landing page

Key takeaways