Based on solid hypothesis and across several pages.



The total uplift combined at an average 36% uplift per test.



Increased conversion rates means reduced customer acquisition cost.




Campaign Monitor

See how we increased conversion rates by more than 1180% for one of the world’s leading providers of email marketing and automation software.

Cost per lead
-64% vs last 6 mths

Conversion Rate
+36% per test


By using dynamic text replacement we can tailor the content to match each and every ad on Google Ads without having to create multiple pages. The tight message match ensures higher relevancy for the user - and Google rewards you with higher quality score as they too will see the message match. The below example gave a 58% uplift in conversion rates using dynamic text replacement. 

Dynamic page content for 100% relevancy

Professional Email Software

Campaign Monitor is the leading provider of professional-grade email marketing and automation software for growing businesses. More than 2 million people at 200,000 companies worldwide, including BuzzFeed, Coca-Cola, Disney, Rip Curl and the San Diego Chargers, use Campaign Monitor to run email marketing campaigns that deliver results for their business. 

Computer Software

San Fransisco, USA

Conversion Rate Optimization

The challenge: Before working with ConversionLab, Campaign Monitor didn't have a process or resources for dedicated conversion rate optimization. Through their PPC agency they had seen amazing numbers in traffic, but had yet not tapped the full potential on converting visitors to signups for trial accounts.  

ConversionLab has helped Campaign Monitor grow our business by optimizing our landing pages. We’ve increased conversion rates by 260% and seen a significant reduction in customer acquisition cost. We are very happy with the results!


Shamita Jayakumar
Senior Marketing Manager


A/B testing on landing pages

With A/B testing we have continued to tweak conversion rates with a total of 1187% across 33 tests on several landing pages. The average lift in conversion per test is at a stunning 36%. Below you can see one of these tests.

10.8% of users about to abandon the landing pages converted with Exit Intent popups

Campaign Monitor converted 271 abandoning visitors into leads in just one month by offering their email marketing guide to users just as they are about to leave the page. 

“We haven’t had to create any new content or pages,” says Shamita Jayakumar, Senior Marketing Manager at Campaign Monitor. “Instead, we’re leveraging the content we already have and getting it in front of marketers who can use it. It really has been a case of creating something from nothing.”

Our optimization process

Define goals

First we establish your landing page goal. Do you need more leads, increase signups or drive sales?

Insight & hypothesis

Based on insight, experience and analysis we create our hypothesis for testing "If we implement X we expect outcome Y". 

Design & implement

We design your page, write the copy, code and implement using Unbounce and integrate with your current leads-flow.

Test & report

To validate our hypothesis for improvement we run A/B split tests and report to you on the progress on a weekly basis.


We make sure you get more leads by creating and optimizing high performing landing pages.

Supercharge your conversion rates and increase sales

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A/B testing for more signups on landing pages

Paid traffic performed well in terms of clicks. We created landing pages and ran A/B tests to make sure those clicks turned into signups. 

How we did it

Exit Intent popups to capture abandoning visitors

By adding exit intent we've been able to convert more than 10% of otherwise lost visitors to leads and a lead nurture funnel.

Dynamic content for improved relevancy

Message match between ad and landing page was greatly improved using dynamic text replacement.